Bestie Dolls: BFFs!!

Sadie has been a big fan of BFF (Best Furry Friends) for most of 2018 and her collection is almost complete! Lucky for this avid collector, BFFs now come with their very own BFF Bestie Dolls! The new Bestie Dolls are the perfect addition to her ever growing collection of little animals. Sadie’s first Bestie doll is Angelina (who comes with Glitter Stardust Pegacorn and a glitter donut bag).


Contents: 1 Bestie Doll, 2 BFFs (1 hidden), 1 Fashion Bag, 1 Headband, 1 Roller Pet Carrier.

Angelina is perfect for any little girl who loves pink, glitter and rainbows! She has removable shoes, skirt and headband and is the perfect size to throw into a bag when you are heading out but want to bring a toy along to play with (and best of all she has her own little bag too- for keeping the adorable BFF pets in!)



Sadie has her eye on the other two Bestie Dolls- Cassandra and Zoe, both with their own individual style and cute little BFF animal pets too. I’m sure she’ll have them added to her collection in no time. Until then, Angelina will be in charge of her entire BFF collection…


Bestie Dolls are launching in Australia in June 2018 and can be found in a store near you! #BFFSQUAD Check out the instagram page here> BestFurryFriendsHQ







Making School Holidays- Colorific- with Build-a-Bot

We were lucky enough to grow our Build-a-Bot family with the addition of a cute little Fox thanks to Colorific! This little click and create system robot couldn’t have arrived at a better time – with school holiday boredom and the winter-blues setting in, it was the perfect time to add a new little playmate to the family!


We have previously made the adorable Build-a-Bot bunny so it was very straight forward for Sadie to create herself but for anyone not familiar with the product:

Key Features:

  • Build your bot with 20+ pieces and they easily click together to create the robot
  • The instructions include pictures of what to do and each piece is numbered
  • Decorate with a full sheet of stickers and fill in a personalised birth certificate


Noah was on stand-by ready to give a helping hand, but this product is perfect for ages 5+ and can be found online at Colorific or at Big W, Toys R Us, Kid Stuff, Mr Toys and Toy World.

Once complete your Build-a-bot comes to life and chases his bone toy. Super cute. Super fun. Keeps ’em super busy!!


P.S. Sadie called her bot Roxy Foxy (makes a nice little friend for her bunny-bot Cupcake)

Fairy Five: The Enchanted School For Fairies

I blinked and she was five….!!! And not only was she five, but she was officially a fairy graduate too!


We’ve had a go at every party type it seems… the big party you host at your house (the massive clean up that goes along with it), the small and intimate favourite-pals-party, but this year being her last year at kinder, Sadie wanted a party with her kinder friends!


While we tossed around ideas of play centres and craft places we ended up finding the ultimate party haven… The Enchanted School For Fairies… and it did not disappoint!

Completely decked out with the most gorgeous decor, we were all in fairy heaven. The girls were hosted by the sweetest fairies while they made fairy crowns and garlands. They had yummy snacks at the enchanted tea party and then danced around the maypole.


In the tearoom out the back, the mums could secretly watch their little fairies going about their fairy business while relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

The whole experience was truly magical, a birthday this little girl will never forget… in fact I get a feeling birthdays 6,7 and 8 might be there too!


All the fairy details had Sadie in make-believe-fairy-bliss and she left with a bag of goodies she’d created herself.

And for the boys (because Noah was invited this year) they got to enjoy all the activities too… but for wizards!

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If you are around Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs I highly recommend The Enchanted School For Fairies it was such a magical experience, the girls were entertained every second of the party and I DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP!- like seriously, that could possibly be the best bit.

Last Minute trip to the Mornington Peninsula: Airbnb

We are truly blessed in Australia, it doesn’t matter where you live in this beautiful country, we are spoilt for choice with great holiday destinations be it bush, coast, country or outback… sometimes I think we forget to look in our own backyard when planning that perfect little get away…

Being the last minute type, many things come into play when planning our family trips away- we usually travel in school holidays which means prices go up, hotels are booked out way too early and let’s face it, they’re usually teeny-tiny… I want to relax too!  I’ve been hunting for my own ‘home away from home’ and Airbnb is the perfect option for a family like ours- looking for a get away in total comfort without the hotel price tag.

Where we stayed: Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.





As it turns out, with Airbnb I didn’t have to look too hard.  This gem was one of the first few I browsed through when scrolling through the selection on Airbnb.

It wasn’t hard to choose the location either- it’s Sadie’s fifth birthday, so I knew exactly where she’d want to go, her fave beach location- The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria! Not only does it have the most beautiful beaches- Sorrento, Rye, Blairgowrie, both bay and ocean, but it’s just a short hour and half drive from the Melbourne CBD and if the weather isn’t favourable there is still plenty to do! Perfect!

I had never booked holiday accomodation using Airbnb but the whole process took only minutes and was so simple, our hosts were lovely and answered any questions I had straight away. Our place was nothing short of stunning and the perfect mix of style and comfort but as life would have it the kids didn’t let me to spend all day soaking in the much needed R&R that I thought I deserved… so here’s what we got up to….

Our Trip:

  1. It was raining when we set off on our little holiday, definitely not beach material, we headed up the hill about 20 minutes before our destination (at Shoreham) to the enchanting Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens …

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The kids had a ball searching the grounds for the hidden fairies and gnomes and getting lost in the hedge maze… they also made a wish in the wishing well- so cute!

Quick Tip: Because the weather is so unpredictable in this end of the world and because the kids are always so excited to pack and go to the beach, I always get the kids to pick out three wet weather activities on the net before we go so they are just as pumped for the wet days, otherwise bad weather can put a damper on the whole trip.

2. Grabbing a coffee over looking the bay at The Baths in Sorrento was our favourite way to finish the day. Followed by some yummy fish and chips on the pier. I can highly recommend Morgan’s Fish and Chips (and they do gluten free as well!)


3. Taking a walk up to Coppins Look Out at Sorrento back beach is definitely worth a visit. The views are spectacular and there are gorgeous walking tracks through to other parts of the peninsula.

Quick Tip: For long scenic walks where the kids might tire easily, create a mini- treasure hunt for them. It only has to be simple but will keep them moving. Eg. Find something blue, something shiny, something unusual to collect. A little competitive edge and they’ll be streaming miles ahead of you looking for their treasure.

4. Strolling through the main street of Sorrento and checking out the local shopping and cafes is always a must when you are in the area. Whether you are into antiques, boutiques or cute cafes the Beach Road Precinct has it all.

A much needed baby-chino was on the cards after hitting up all the shops- this little Miss was tired!

5. When the weather fines up our pick of the beaches is the Rye Front Beach. When the tide is out, the water is crystal clear and knee deep for what seems like miles. The kids can play happily with out being knocked over by waves. That being said, if you prefer a surf beach, the beach pictured above at Coppins Look Out (Sorrento back beach) is a life saver patrolled beach and perfect for older kids.


6. Our nights were spent playing in the backyard of our Airbnb, the kids loved to sit at the bench while I prepared dinner or they chilled on the day bed and watched TV. They settled in really well into their new home with toys for Sadie to play with, while Noah relaxed, read books and had a hit of table tennis down stairs.

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Having access to our own kitchen was such a plus and something I’m always searching for when holidaying. Since Noah and I both can’t eat gluten we have to be so careful about where we eat when we are dining out. Having our own kitchen took a lot of the stress out about finding food, just being able to prepare and cook our usual meals- and was a lot cheaper too!

Quick Tip: If you are like me and have Coeliac Disease and need to eat gluten free these are the places I’d highly recommend- The Baths , The Continental Hotel , Sorrento Organics (has the most amazing salads, frozen meals and desserts) and then of course for fish and chips Morgan’s Fish and Chips. Most of these places cater really well for other dietary requirements as well- dairy free, vegan etc

7. There are so many great little towns near by to visit, whether you jump on the Ferry and head across to Queenscliff on the other side of the bay of take a short drive to Cape Schanck there is heaps to explore. The kids loved the Cape Schack Light House.

8. Exploring the Rye township is also worth a look with all the seaside trimmings- stroll along the pier, collecting shells and making sand castles. In the Summer holidays and the weekends over the April holidays it also has the Rye Carnival. My kids adore the atmosphere. And most importantly there are some great coffee shops along the way!

9. And last but certainly not least, my baby turned FIVE while we were away! A little trip to celebrate and mark the occasion. I’m sure she’ll remember this for the rest of her life. There is nothing better than creating memories together as a family, discovering new and exciting things about your favourite locations and losing yourself in relaxing surroundings.


Teaming up with Airbnb in this sponsored collaboration* has been such a fantastic opportunity to spend a bit of extra quality time with my little family in one of Australia’s most gorgeous locations, I am very grateful for the opportunity. I hope you have enjoyed our little family trip away xox

For direct links to the accommodation we stayed in click > HERE <

Or to search other accommodation in the Mornington Peninsula area click > HERE <


All content and images are copyright myhipsterkid 2017 ©



Surviving School Holidays:Sand Sculpting Australia


‘Lands of Imagination’ is the most incredible sight to take the kids to these school holidays! While the kids were pulled in every direction the minute we walked in- torn between viewing the eye-catching sculptures and exploring the activities on offer, we spent the best part of the morning taking in all the attraction had to offer.


Twenty-one spectacular life sized sand sculptures, carved by international and Australian sculptors, had the kids captivated as they explored the intricacies of each display. Sadie and Noah quickly found the fun chill out area decked out with a few of our fave Castle and Cubby playhouses and quickly got into character playing cafe and shop in the giant sandpit.

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Next stop was the activity centre where they got creative and made colourful sand pots and sand art and of course after all that ‘hard’ work… an ice-cream to top off a fab day.

Such a beautifully fun family morning and in the end I had Sadie making me promise to take her back again soon. Definitely worth a visit!

Details: Find out about the event or book tickets here > Sand Sculpting Australia

Cute playhouse cubbies > Castle and Cubby

Sadie Dress >  Baobab Clothing  Noah Hat and Tee > Alphabet Soup Clothing




Back to school: Disney Style


It’s that time of year again… somewhere in the middle of ‘enjoying every moment’ but quietly remembering back to school will be upon us before we can say ‘Mickey Mouse’ 😉 …

Sadie has been experiencing daycare for the past few years and while most of her friends are starting school this year, we have decided that since her birthday is in April, she’ll start school once she is five next year. Which means getting sorted for four year old kinder this year!

Being a ‘Mummy’s girl’, Sadie would much rather spend her days at home, so preparing her in the most positive way possible is super important.  Some fun and cheeky back-to-school apparel and accessories are a must. Standard daycare ‘uniform’ for Sadie comprises of leggings, a ‘spinny’ skirt and to keep the teachers happy a good old sunsmart tshirt.

Checking out the cute range that Cotton On Kids and Disney have put together is just what we need to add a little glitter and sparkle to the start of what’s set to be a fun-filled year of growing and discovering.



Sadie’s Fave Picks from Cotton On Kids Disney Range:

Lux Slouch Tee , Huggie Tights , Suki Skirt , Day One Backpack , Shooting Stars Wand



Christmas, here we come: Minouche

December already. I can’t believe how quickly that one snuck up on us! But safe to say, we made it through the first weekend. Our calendar is full of parties, play dates and appointments we’ve got to squeeze in before the end of the year but trying my hardest to include a little down time, as we race from one thing to the next.

It’s finally heating up in Melbourne so we can get a little serious about our Spring/Summer wardrobe now *breathes sigh of relief*, lightweight easy-wear fabrics are our choice. We are adoring our long time fave Minouche, gorgeous cotton fabrics that are super comfortable with delicate colour palettes that will suit any occasion- from parks plays to party plays.

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So many beautiful pieces to choose from and from the beginning of December take advantage of the ’12 Days of Christmas Offers’ and grab yourself a little special offer. Check out  Minouche Instagram for the current Christmas offer.

Sadie Wears:   Celeste Tired Dress ,  Emma Ruffle Bloomer , Luna Knit Top , Evie Play Suit , Adele Skirt all available at Minouche


Sweet Hangs: Oobi

Time flies when you’re having fun… It’s fast approaching the last year I’ll have my baby at home with me and I can’t wait to make the most of it. Our years together have quickly filled up with life in general, and more and more Sadie is asking to do ‘special’ things together. 2017 is set to be a ‘mummy-daughter’ year exploring, creating and doing!

We’ve had a blast posting all things fashion, what little girl doesn’t love to dress up in the prettiest of clothes?… But it’s time to have some real fun and let the adventures begin.

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Starting with high-tea at the cutest little ‘scone’ cafe we discovered through one of our friends insta feeds. Nothing like checking out new hangs, particularly when they’re predominantly pink, serve chocy-milk and have lucky dips (hence the stuffed toy dog- Terry)! All the pretty decor had Sadie in eye-candy-can-i-touch-this heaven.

She did of course get to wear the cute Oobi Ruby Princess Ice-cream dress which made the day all the sweeter…

Cafe: Jam and Cream Cafe- Heidelberg Heights

Dress: Oobi


Halloween BOO!: Wednesday Addams

“Are Halloween and Christmas the same thing mum?”… “Aaaah.. no Sadie, they are definitely NOT the same thing…”, While Sadie has been fooled into thinking these two events could possibly be related in some strange way due to the strategic positioning of the merchandise in the shops- virtually in the same section during the entire month of October (maybe September?)- we decided to have a little fun before the actual big day to clear things up…


We’ve always been big fans of dressing up and Halloween is no exception. While we had a little fun a while back dressing up for Book Week as Madeline, Sadie couldn’t wait to get back into another character again. We’ve been plaiting her hair recently when we realised she was starting to look a little ‘Wednesday Addams-Esque’ so the inspo for this year’s costume was born.

Unlike her Madeline costume, I out sourced this one, I found a cute little retro inspired shop through Etsy called MetalliMonsters this made things so easy… a pair of black tights and shoes from Kmart and she was done. Made for a cute little photo shoot.. a derelict house down the road and no problems getting into character… she does grumpy very well 😉

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We hope every one has a great Halloween and enjoys getting a little spooky! Lots of fun for the kids and a great family thing to do to go around and meet your neighbours… they might not be as scary as you think 😉

And if your not all up for costumes and face paint we found these cute little fingernail friends… Lots of fun and way less messy than nail polish…


They can be found in gift stores and newsagents or check out isgift for stockists.