Fairy Five: The Enchanted School For Fairies

I blinked and she was five….!!! And not only was she five, but she was officially a fairy graduate too!


We’ve had a go at every party type it seems… the big party you host at your house (the massive clean up that goes along with it), the small and intimate favourite-pals-party, but this year being her last year at kinder, Sadie wanted a party with her kinder friends!


While we tossed around ideas of play centres and craft places we ended up finding the ultimate party haven… The Enchanted School For Fairies… and it did not disappoint!

Completely decked out with the most gorgeous decor, we were all in fairy heaven. The girls were hosted by the sweetest fairies while they made fairy crowns and garlands. They had yummy snacks at the enchanted tea party and then danced around the maypole.


In the tearoom out the back, the mums could secretly watch their little fairies going about their fairy business while relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

The whole experience was truly magical, a birthday this little girl will never forget… in fact I get a feeling birthdays 6,7 and 8 might be there too!


All the fairy details had Sadie in make-believe-fairy-bliss and she left with a bag of goodies she’d created herself.

And for the boys (because Noah was invited this year) they got to enjoy all the activities too… but for wizards!

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If you are around Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs I highly recommendΒ The Enchanted School For FairiesΒ it was such a magical experience, the girls were entertained every second of the party and I DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP!- like seriously, that could possibly be the best bit.


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