Making School Holidays- Colorific- with Build-a-Bot

We were lucky enough to grow our Build-a-Bot family with the addition of a cute little Fox thanks to Colorific! This little click and create system robot couldn’t have arrived at a better time – with school holiday boredom and the winter-blues setting in, it was the perfect time to add a new little playmate to the family!


We have previously made the adorable Build-a-Bot bunny so it was very straight forward for Sadie to create herself but for anyone not familiar with the product:

Key Features:

  • Build your bot with 20+ pieces and they easily click together to create the robot
  • The instructions include pictures of what to do and each piece is numbered
  • Decorate with a full sheet of stickers and fill in a personalised birth certificate


Noah was on stand-by ready to give a helping hand, but this product is perfect for ages 5+ and can be found online atΒ ColorificΒ or at Big W, Toys R Us, Kid Stuff, Mr Toys and Toy World.

Once complete your Build-a-bot comes to life and chases his bone toy. Super cute. Super fun. Keeps ’em super busy!!


P.S. Sadie called her bot Roxy Foxy (makes a nice little friend for her bunny-bot Cupcake)


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