Hi there! I’m Claire, mum to two, welcome toΒ my blog- a place where I share the bits and pieces that I love, what we’ve been up to and a bunch of photos- all the little details that don’t make it on IG!

If you are interested in saying hi or would like to collaborate feel free to DM us on Instagram or send an email to hellomyhipsterkid@gmail.com

All images and text contained on this site ‘myhipsterkids.com’ and Instagram ‘myhipsterkid’ are copyright and may not be copied or used with out the owners expressed written permission.


Any advertising banners that may appear on my blog are part of the ‘WordPress’ platform I use and I do not gain any compensation from them whatsoever- nor do I control what adverts may appear when you view the blog.

‘myhipsterkid’ may at times, through blog posts contain affiliate links which means we receive commissions on sales of the products that are linked into my posts. For example should you click the link and make a purchase from an affiliate site then I may make a commission from that purchase however it is very rare that affiliate links are included in my blog.

As of March 2017 endorsed sponsored posts will be identified at the bottom of the post with an asterisk (*), however myhipsterkid continues to only affiliate and endorse products that truly align with their beliefs, passions and aesthetics. All featured places, products and bibs and bobs on myhipsterkids are here because we truly love them!




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